Megan Zintek

(owner/artistic director)

In 2008 Megan graduated summa cum laude with her BFA in Dance from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with over 20 years of experience in her field. She has immersed herself in dance pedagogy since the age of 12, continually sharing her artistry and love of movement with children and adults. It has been her dream, from the first dance class she ever had the privilege of teaching, to open her own dance studio. She felt a calling to give others the same opportunity to grow, mature and express themselves with confidence and strength, just as she had been given as a young girl. Bella Via was not a spur of the moment idea… Megan diligently worked to obtain every tool possible that would ensure her dream not only come to fruition, but would be a powerful force in the dance community.

While receiving her undergrad, she had the privilege of working with and performing for André Tyson, Darci Brown Wutz, Li-Chao Ping, and Simone Ferro. She also had the opportunity to dance in works created by guest artists Daniel Gwirtzman, Laura Dean, and Uri Sands. She studied under the tutelage of Ed Burgess, Janet Lilly, Luc Vanier and Fern Caulker-Bronson. Beyond her studies, she has danced with Wildspace Dance Company, as well as the Catey Ott Dance Collective. During the summer of 2008, she traveled to Brazil to study Capoeira and dance with the company, Bale Folclorico. Megan was chosen to choreograph works for Here Comes Trouble and Art to Art in Milwaukee, and had the privilege of being cast in the film Missed Connections, which premiered in the 2011 Milwaukee Film Festival. She has been a company member of Elizabeth Johnson’s Your Mother Dances since 2008, keeping her connected and inspired within the dance community of Milwaukee. In 2012 she was interviewed and featured on Fox6 WakeUp promoting the launch of her fitness program, BellaBarre.

This year, she is thrilled to be returning to UW-Milwaukee as a member of the faculty, teaching Jazz at the very university that inspired and her growth as a teacher and artist.

Bella Via was named by Megan’s mother, whom she lost in the summer of 2009. Her mother had been her #1 fan and biggest supporter in attaining her dreams. She instilled in Megan the belief that she could do anything she set her mind to, inspiring Megan to encourage that personal belief in others. In the memory of Susan Zintek, Megan opened the doors of Bella Via in October of 2011. Bella Via, aptly named by her Mother, means “the beautiful way” in Italian. Megan’s hope is that it certainly will be for anyone who walks through the studio door.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” – Anonymous

Deanna Lewis

Deanna Lewis is pursuing a degree to obtain her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance and Choreography from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

She has trained in Milwaukee and New York taking various master and technique classes in styles such as ballet, modern, tap, hip-hop, jazz, improvisation, and contemporary from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Peridance, and Broadway Dance Center. She has attended intensives with the Milwaukee Ballet, the Ballet Center, and LeeSaar’s Gaga intensive. She has performed for choreographers such as Emily Ladd, Bonnie Watson, Petr Zahradnicek, Stephen Kopowitz, and Elizabeth Johnson during her time at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Teaching at Bella Via is the highlight of her day and she couldn’t be more excited to be teaching here! The dancers at Bella Via inspire her everyday and it has been such an honor to see them grow as dancers and as people.

Joshua Yang

Joshua Yang is one of the many bright, young minds in the professional dance world today. Partaking in multiple choreography opportunities, Joshua seeks to expand his reach. As a teacher, Joshua works hard to spark confidence, passion, and ambition for his students by creating opportunities in which their light may be liberated. His classes have a reputation for combinations that are intricate, challenging, and physically demanding. Joshua has become a leader in the community of young dancers and recently established an open dance company called “Origins”. He has also been invited to choreograph multiple shows across the Midwest, establishing the first hip-hop program at the Milwaukee Ballet Academy, and became a reoccurring faculty member for the Milwaukee Ballet Summer Intensives. Bella Via has a very special place for Joshua, as it’s the first studio he has ever taught at and finds a sense of community and family here. As much as the students enjoy learning from him, Joshua is privileged to teach them!

Kendra Kramas

Kendra Kramas started her dance training at Main Street Conservatory of Dance in Marshfield, Wisconsin. When in high school, she competed on both her high school’s dance team and show choir, all while continuing to keep up with her techinical dance training. In 2008, the Wisconsin Dance Camps Association named her “Miss Wisconsin Dance 2008,” where she won a scholorship to compete in California.

Her love and drive for dance, music, and theatre led her to try out for the Kids from Wisconsin, and in 2011, she was hired as a singer/dancer in the professional touring cast. Kendra continued her education at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee where she received her BFA degree in Contemporary Dance and Choreography in 2014.

Today, Kendra is a company member with the newly formed contemporary dance company SueMo, and is loving every second. Over the years, Kendra has taught students through various recreation programs, choreographs for show choirs, and continues to teach master classes in her hometown, but NOTHING quite compares to the warm and postitive environment at Bella Via.

The dancers are one of a kind, and she is so excited for another great and inspiring year!!!

Alyssa Albers

Alyssa Albers began her dance training at a very young age and continues to pursue and develop her craft to this day. Throughout the years, she was heavily involved in the competitive world, gaining knowledge she now passes on to her students. She graduated cum laude from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point in 2015, where she earned both BA Dance and BS Business Administration degrees. During her time at UWSP, she was fortunate enough to work with several world renowned choreographers, such as Keigwin + Company and Autumn Eckman, as well as build lasting relationships with her professors, Joan Karlen, Michael Estanich and Jeannie Hill, that still hold strong today. Alyssa credits so much of her teaching style and who she is as a performer to her UWSP professors.

As a member of Warped Dance Company, Alyssa was able to experience the professional world of dance and aerial work, collaborating with, and setting work on, Maria Caruso’s Bodiography Contemporary Ballet and Lesole’s Dance Project. She was also highly involved in the rebirth of WDC and was a key performer in the company’s first full length production, combining stage and sky, along with the talents of Ms. Andrea Burkholder. Recently, Alyssa’s latest adventure has been tackling the world of ballroom dance! She was warmly welcomed at the Fred Astaire studios and is working very hard on her Latin flair to get back on the competitive stage.

Alyssa has been leading a classroom for 14+ years, beginning as a teacher’s assistant and working her way to lead instructor. Throughout these years, she has gained a wealth of knowledge that equips her to handle a classroom of any size, any ability and any personality. She believes that as each dancer is uniquely special, so should their experience in the classroom. Don’t let Alyssa’s ‘tough love’ approach fool you! She always has her student’s best interests at heart and “wouldn’t push them if she didn’t think they could do it.”

Alyssa has been on faculty at Bella Via since 2012 and plans to stick around for many more seasons! She loves the atmosphere the studio families create and believes wholeheartedly in what the studio stands for: “Building self-confidence through technique and artistry.” You will often hear Alyssa say how much she deeply loves all of her students, and thinks of them as her ‘kids.’ She truly believes that teachers who take the time to build relationships with their students, don’t have students for just one year; they gain students, that turn to friendships, for life.

This year’s performance will be performed the weekend of Friday, May 31st – Sunday, June 2nd 2019.
*Location: University School of Milwaukee*

Congratulations students on a beautiful performance of the 2018 recital “School Daze.” We want to especially thank our parents for their sacrifice and commitment to making their children’s dreams shine. Everyone’s hard work and dedication made this past year’s recital a huge success! We can hardly wait for next year’s!

Important dates to remember regarding recital:

October 1st – first half of costume payments are due

November 1st – second half of costume payments are due

January 7th – begin choreography for recital

TBA – Parent Info Week

April 6th – Tickets go on sale for Recital (online) @ 9am

May 17th to May 23rd – Picture Week

May 28th and 29th – Dress Rehearsal 4:30 to 8pm both days (University School of Milwaukee) *call times TBA

May 31st, June 1st and June 2nd – RECITAL!!!!!!! (University School of Milwaukee)

The Bella Company

Our award winning Bella Company is an outlet for gifted young artists who demonstrate an accelerated level of skill and commitment in dance. This is an opportunity to take their passion above and beyond the recreational and Troupe programs offered at Bella Via. Talented and dedicated dancers will only be admitted onto this competitive team through a selective audition, as this is an elite team.

Students in the Bella Company are required to take at least 6 hours per week of technique classes. Beyond this, students and parents must be prepared for extra weekend rehearsals, and 3-4 weekends of competition in a given season. (Competitions and the dates they are held vary from year to year.)

**2020 Season Date: dancers must be available to attend a competition/convention in Chicago the weekend of February 14 – 16, 2020**

What Is Expected

The Bella Company members are expected to participate in a number of competitions throughout the spring (Jan.-May). Dancers must be enrolled in Company Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Tap (although the faculty will decide what styles each dancer will perform). Dancers will have option to audition to perform Hip Hop. Optional, but highly recommended, classes include Leaps & Turns, and Pre-Pointe or Pointe.

Rehearsals for group dances are scheduled and determined by the choreographer and faculty. Company members are required to be at every rehearsal for their dance… no exceptions. This is only fair to the choreographer and their fellow teammates.

As members of the Company, dancers are held in the highest regard at the studio, and are expected to set an example of how to behave and dress as outlined in the Student/Parent Handbook. RESPECT for faculty, staff, parents, friends and the facility is not an option… it is mandatory.

This is a full year commitment. Training begins in our Summer Session, and continues through the Recital Season.

As this is a team activity, dancers and parents will also be required to sign a Company contract at the beginning of the season. This contract lays out expectations of the faculty and Artistic Director with regards to behavior, attendance, and participation throughout the performance season.

» Download a Sample of the Bella Company Contract Here

The Audition

Auditions are open to the general public… anyone between the ages of 10 and 18 is welcome to audition! It is $50 per person to participate, and must be collected before the start of the audition (no exceptions). The audition will be held over the course of 2 days, Saturday, May 18th and Sunday, May 19th 2018, from 1 – 4pm. Interested dancers should register online to reserve their audition slot. Both Troupe and Company dancers will audition together. A registration form must be filled out before the audition that will let the panel know which team the dancer is auditioning for, Troupe or Company.

There will be a separate audition held for our Hip Hop Company and Tap Company on Tuesday, June 4th. It is $10 per person, per audition, to participate and be considered for selection onto these two particular Company teams. Dancers may audition for only Hip Hop or Tap Company, but those who audition for our regular Bella Company will be required to train in tap. For those auditioning for regular Company who want to perform in Hip Hop or Tap, they MUST attend these auditions to be considered for dances.

As we are a facility that coaches and nurtures young artists, our goal is not only to evaluate and determine who will make the team, but prepare and teach dancers how to audition during this process. Therefor, those auditioning must provide a “head shot” (this does not have to be professionally done; any calibre of picture will suffice as long as the panel of judges is able to clearly identify the individual). Dancers will also be required to complete an application (in place of a resume), to be turned in before the audition begins. The picture should be stapled to the front of the application.

» Download the Bella Company Application Here

Dancers must arrive early enough to warm themselves up, as this will not be included in the audition. Hair must be pulled back and secured neatly away from the face (a bun is preferred if hair length allows). Dancers must have proper shoes for each style of dance.  Dancers may wear any proper dance attire of their choice, but must have proper shoes for each style of dance. (Ballet, Jazz, etc.)

Dancers will learn and perform combinations and exercises. Parents are not allowed to watch (the normal viewing window will be covered). While their performance during this audition will have the greatest effect on their acceptance into the Bella Company, faculty will also be taking into consideration their behavior, attendance and attitude in regular classes from the previous year if they attended classes at Bella Via.

Results will be sent via email within a week after the audition. **All decisions made by the faculty/judges are final.

Requirements and what to Expect

Bella Company members begin their training for the upcoming performance season during the summer session. The Summer Session is a special rate of $475. (It is strongly urged that hopeful applicants sign up for regular summer classes while waiting for results from the audition. If your child does not make the team in a particular season, your resulting email will include what the dancer can improve upon in the upcoming year to merit a different result at the next audition. Taking classes in summer shows our faculty the dancer’s commitment to their craft.)

A $100 Company Team fee will be due once the dancer is accepted onto the team.

Dancers are required to participate in EVERY competition… no exceptions.

There is a set tuition fee for Bella Company members, which is capped off at 6 hours per week for unlimited classes.

Costumes for each dance vary in price, but can range from $65 – $100.

Dancers are required to purchase a personalized Company warm-up jacket (roughly $65).

Families are responsible for all competition entrance fees, along with food, travel, and lodging for each competition.

We will attend 4-5 competitions in a season, between the months of February to June. We will not compete over Spring Break weekends. But we ask that you keep all other weekends in the Spring open and available for competition. Competition dates are finalized at the beginning of August.

Important Dates for 2020: All Company dancers will be required to attend our In-Studio Dress Rehearsal on Saturday, February 8th as well as a convention/showcase in Chicago the weekend of February 14th – 16th, 2020.

Register Now

Dancers may audition for the Hip Hop or Tap portion of our Company program, without having to commit to other styles.

Those dancers in Hip Hop Company will be required to take 2 hrs. per week of hip hop…
1 hour of Company hip hop, and 1 hour of hip hop in our recreational classes (dancers may choose the day and time that works best for them out of the regular fall schedule, from the age appropriate class).

Those dancers in Tap Company will be required to take Company Tap, along with ballet, jazz and tap classes in the recreation program for continuos improvement of technique and artistry.

There will be a mandatory selective audition held on Tuesday, June 4th for Tap at and Hip Hop Companies:

Tap Auditions:

  • (ages 10+) Tuesday, June 4th @ 4:30pm

Hip Hop Auditions:

  • (ages 7-10) Tuesday, June 4th @ 6:30pm
  • (ages 11+) Tuesday, June 4th @ 7:15pm

It is $10 per audition.

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Dancers chosen will begin training over the summer, and continue through the following fall/spring performance season. The same rules/expectations/policies apply to the Hip Hop and Tap Company members (with regards to etiquette, etc.) as they do to Bella Company members, and are laid out in the Company contract. Please view a sample Company contract online at, under the “about” section titled “The Bella Company.”

Audition hopefuls should sign up for auditions (hip hop, Company, Troupe) online, through the registration portal.

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Via Performance Troupe

Via Performance Troupe is an exciting and unique opportunity for dancer’s to further their personal craft. In Troupe, dancers will learn a number of challenging dances from different genres to be performed throughout the community. This is a team environment where dancers build confidence, technique, and the ability to learn choreography quickly and efficiently while making lasting friendships and memories. Via Troupe gives dancers the encouragement needed to be fearless of public performance; whether this is in the realm of dance, sports, or even public speaking.

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Via Troupe Requirements and Policies

Troupe dancers ages 10+ yrs. will be required to audition with Company dancers during the 2 day audition held Saturday, May 18th and Sunday, May 19th 2019, from 1-4pm. It is $50 to audition. This is an educational experience that will determine placement within the Troupe team. This is a placement audition therefor, all those auditioning for Troupe will make the team.  **More information regarding the audition can be found below.

Troupe dancers ages 7-9yrs. will audition on Tuesday, June 4th for team placement… everyone who auditions makes the team!!!

Troupe dancers begin their training in the summer (sign up for summer classes right away so they don’t fill up!)… Dancers will be required to take Ballet, Jazz and Tap in the summer and through the following performance season. They will also be required to attend rehearsal once a week… the rehearsal time will be 1 hour in the summer, and 45min. – 1hr. during the school year.

Regular class rates apply to the Ballet, Jazz and Tap classes. The rehearsals are complimentary. There is a $100 commitment fee due at the beginning of the summer session. The dancers will also have one costume that they will perform in throughout the season (regular costume fees apply).

Register Now

Via Troupe Policies

  • Dancers must be enrolled in Ballet, Jazz, and Tap throughout the Summer Session and the following Recital Season.
  • Dancers must be 7 years of age or older.
  • There is a $100 commitment fee due at the beginning of each performance season along with a contract signed by the dancer, parent, and choreographer. Troupe is a team that only works with the commitment of everyone involved.
  • Troupe uses one costume for the entire season, depending on the cost of the costume chosen. It is the dancer’s responsibility to care for their costume, as it needs to take them through to the end of June.
  • Via Troupe rehearsals are complimentary! Even if extra rehearsals need to be added for a specific performance, this will come at no extra cost!
  • As a team member of the Via Performance Troupe, the dancers will represent Bella Via in the public eye. They are expected and encouraged to look professional and put-together. This means showing up to performances with hair and make-up already in place.
  • If lack of attendance in rehearsals becomes problematic, dancers may be pulled from certain dances. Via Troupe should be a fun, challenging, and exciting experience for everyone involved. Multiple absences can cause frustration and resentment for fellow dancers and the choreographer, as well as self-consciousness, embarrassment and guilt on the part of the dancer who continually misses rehearsal. The purpose of Troupe is to further the dancer’s personal skill level with regards to technique, along with enhancing their performance abilities.
  • Dancers must participate in all three styles of dance (ballet, jazz, and tap) at the end of year recital/showcase.
  • Troupe dancers have the privilege of performing in an extra dance which opens or closes the show at the end of the year recital/showcase! (beyond their ballet, jazz and tap dances)

The Auditions

Placement auditions are open to the general public… anyone between the ages of 7 and 18 is welcome to audition! Everyone who auditions makes the team!

7 – 9 yr oldsTuesday, June 4th from 4:30-5:15pm ($10)

10+ yr oldsSaturday and Sunday, May 18th and 19th, 1-4pm … Dancers for this age group will audition with Company members. This is a great opportunity for those who are thinking about competition in the future, or are not sure which team is best for them. It is $50 per person to participate, and must be collected before the start of the audition (no exceptions). The audition will be held over the course of 2 days (Monday, June 11th and Tuesday June 12th, from 4-7pm). Interested dancers should register online to reserve their audition slot. A registration form must be filled out before the audition that will let the panel know which team the dancer is auditioning for; Troupe, Company, either or both.

As we are a facility that coaches and nurtures young artists, our goal is not only to evaluate and determine placement on the team, but prepare and teach dancers how to audition during this process. Therefor, those auditioning must provide a “head shot” (this does not have to be professionally done; any calibre of picture will suffice as long as the panel of judges is able to clearly identify the individual). This is to prepare dancers for real world experiences such as applying for a job, interviewing, etc.

Dancers must arrive early enough to warm themselves up, as this will not be included in the audition. Hair must be pulled back and secured neatly away from the face (a bun is preferred if hair length allows). Dancers must have proper shoes for each style of dance.  Dancers may wear any proper dance attire of their  choice, but must have proper shoes for each style of dance. (Ballet, Jazz, etc.)

Dancers will learn and perform combinations and exercises. Parents are not allowed to watch (the normal viewing window will be covered).

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“Bella via is a wonderful dance studio with amazing teachers. They not only work towards helping kids become better dancers, but also focus on helping them to become better people. The staff is great and the other parents are warm and friendly. Both of my daughters love dancing here!”


“This is a superb place with a positive environment for kids and parents. I appreciate Megan’s natural ability to be encouraging to students and recognize their needs as dancers and as individuals. The studio itself is amazing with a café for families and a dressing room for the dancers. In addition, the restrooms have additional space, if needed. The studio is spacious and open, and we were greeted warmly by staff, parents, and dancers! We are so glad to find this place!”


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