Welcome to Bella Via Dance Studio

Through technical training and artistic expression, Bella Via strives to create confident, compassionate, intelligent, creative, artistic individuals who believe they are capable of accomplishing anything.

Why Choose Bella Via?

Bella Via is place where kids of all ages shapes and sizes learn to dance and perform. We value building our student’s confidence and self-esteem. Bella Via is More Than Just Great Dancing®! Our dancers go beyond technique to develop important life skills, learning to be respectful, confident and conscientious young people who share their gifts and talents with the community.

Join Us for a Fun and Exciting Season of Dance!

Different Types of Dance

Bella Via Dance Studio offers several styles of dance to suite all personalities and experience levels.

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The basis for all dance forms, ballet sets the foundation for dancers to excel in every genre.

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Fun and energetic, students learn to dance and perform at a fun and exciting fast pace.

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Learn timing to create new rhythms with a greater understanding of musicality.

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A fun and energetic style of dance that can be applied in other dance forms.

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An artistic and creative class, Contemporary is a fun and freeing expression of dance.


Bella Via Dance Studio offers several opportunities for unique live dance events and performances. Our students perform in a special recital every year. Our award winning Bella Company is an outlet for gifted young artists to compete in dance competitions. Our Via Performance Troupe is a unique opportunity for dancer’s to further their personal craft. In Troupe, dancers will learn a number of challenging dances to be performed throughout the community.

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“Bella via is a wonderful dance studio with amazing teachers. They not only work towards helping kids become better dancers, but also focus on helping them to become better people. The staff is great and the other parents are warm and friendly. Both of my daughters love dancing here!”


“This is a superb place with a positive environment for kids and parents. I appreciate Megan’s natural ability to be encouraging to students and recognize their needs as dancers and as individuals. The studio itself is amazing with a café for families and a dressing room for the dancers. In addition, the restrooms have additional space, if needed. The studio is spacious and open, and we were greeted warmly by staff, parents, and dancers! We are so glad to find this place!”


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