Our Philosophy

Through technical training and artistic expression, Bella Via (Italian: ‘the beautiful way’) strives to create confident, compassionate, intelligent, creative, artistic individuals who believe they are capable of accomplishing anything. Our instructors and staff want to make their mark on the world by giving children the skills they need to be successful in life… Through dance, students will build the self-esteem and confidence needed to face everyday obstacles with courage and strength. We hope to educate students in a way that will encourage and develop healthy living habits. Our goal is to continually inspire and empower our youth. We will strive to give them every opportunity to make the most of themselves, while creating lifelong friendships and achieving goals they never thought possible.

Why Choose Bella Via?

Bella Via Dance Studio offers dance classes in a variety of genres by professional educators with impeccable experience. Our faculty trains young bodies and minds with compassion and energy, sharing their love and passion for dance with anyone who enters the studio. Children will enhance their physical coordination and agility, as well as their creativity and academic aptitude. We believe dance is an embodiment of the heart, mind, and soul working in perfect union to encourage and inspire our students in all avenues of life.

Our curriculum is set to allow every student the opportunity to reach their full potential. We will continually challenge students to achieve goals they never thought possible. This is not only inspiring and gratifying for the students, but for the teachers as well. We believe dance should be fun, exciting, and inspiring. Students who train with Bella Via will create new friendships that will last a lifetime… all while learning fun and challenging choreography from teachers who love sharing their passion with students of all ages!

At Bella Via, we believe we are teaching life lessons through dance lessons.

In fact, we believe so much in our stellar curriculum, compassionate and nurturing faculty, and beautiful facility that if you feel unsatisfied for any reason, we will work with you to make it right or your money back after 30 days.

Academy Program

Bella Via (Italian: ‘the beautiful way’) has unique programs to fit every student’s individual interest in the world of dance. Our Academy Program excites even the youngest of dancers, and allows children the opportunity to stay healthy and fit in a fun, loving, and nurturing environment.

Performance Troupe

For students who love to perform, but aren’t ready for the commitment of competition, Performance Troupe is the perfect creative outlet. Via Troupe is a unique opportunity for children to hone their performance skills, while learning new and exciting dances performed around the community throughout the season.

The Bella Company

Finally, The Bella Company is for the gifted dancer who is ready for the commitment of competitive dance. The number of hours spent dancing per week increases in this program, and students must be accepted by faculty through an annual audition. (Please click on the “Bella Company” tab below for more information.)

Darby’s Dancers Program

Darby’s Dancers is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to bringing the joy of the performing arts to as many children and adults with special needs as possible. Bella Via has always been an inclusive studio, and we are so excited that through our Darby’s program we will be able to bring our joy and love for dance to an even greater community of dancers!!!

Technique and Artistry. Meet Our Faculty.

Performance Opportunities

Bella Via Dance Studio offers several opportunities for unique live dance events and perfomances.


The Bella Company

Hip Hop and Tap Company

Via Performance Troupe

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“Bella via is a wonderful dance studio with amazing teachers. They not only work towards helping kids become better dancers, but also focus on helping them to become better people. The staff is great and the other parents are warm and friendly. Both of my daughters love dancing here!”


“This is a superb place with a positive environment for kids and parents. I appreciate Megan’s natural ability to be encouraging to students and recognize their needs as dancers and as individuals. The studio itself is amazing with a café for families and a dressing room for the dancers. In addition, the restrooms have additional space, if needed. The studio is spacious and open, and we were greeted warmly by staff, parents, and dancers! We are so glad to find this place!”


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