Dear Bella Via Families, 

The CDC updated its masking guidelines on Friday, February 26th and the changes now guide facilities in the direction of optional masking given a county’s designated level of High, Medium, or Low based on three criteria. The criteria are: hospital beds in use, hospital admissions, and number of COVID cases. Masking is now only recommended in indoor public places for counties at the “High” level. Ozaukee County is at the “Medium” level so that translates to a change in masking recommendations for our dance community.

Beginning MONDAY, MARCH 7th, Bella Via Dance Studio will move to a MASK OPTIONAL policy. Every day that we can get where children can fully express themselves in the classroom and teachers can have full communication, including facial cues, we will celebrate! And, if there are days ahead where cases rise to a point where we have to revisit our mask policy, we will do so. 

Although many of us will feel relieved to read this announcement, some may feel concerned about returning to a pre-Covid lifestyle and may choose to continue wearing their mask. We support everyone and warmly welcome each family’s decision to make the choice that is right for them. Masks will still be available at the front desk. Until Spring Break, our staff will respect your family’s choice by mirroring what you are comfortable with as we work through this transition together.

In meantime, all other risk-mitigating factors remain in place and parents are asked to please continue to use sound judgment and exercise reasonable caution in keeping children home when they are sick or awaiting the result of a COVID-19 test. We remain appreciative of your ongoing partnership and patience. Anyone who would still like to wear a mask to class for comfort is welcome to do so and plenty of masks will still be available at the front desk.

I want to thank our faculty, families, and students for their support over the past two years. Working together, we have kept our classrooms open continuously since July of 2020, and will be returning to full recital performances this June! Now that’s some awesome teamwork!

Thank you for your support! With appreciation, 

Miss Megan