We are absolutely thrilled to be bringing Darby’s Dancers to the North Shore!!! Darby’s Dancers is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to bringing the joy of the performing arts to as many children and adults with special needs as possible. BVDS has always been an inclusive studio, and we are so excited that through our Darby’s program we will be able to bring our joy and love for dance to an even greater community of dancers!!!
Our Program will kick off on Saturday, November 13th! There is still time to register, but with limited availability spots will go fast!
What to know:
There is a yearly membership fee of $95 that goes directly to the National Organization, but Bella Via will cover everything else… we will bring in Ballera Dance from Brookfield to size the dancers for shoes, and we will also be ordering t-shirts for them to wear to class. They WILL perform in our recital the weekend of June 11 and 12th, and the studio will also cover the cost of their costumes for this performance… we are so excited!
Every Darby’s Dancer will be paired up with a Bella Buddy. This Buddy will be with them throughout the dance season, and will also be on stage with them at recital! They will typically help with the following areas: help dancers stand, help with focus & following directions, help with safety issues related to stability, encourage verbally and with praise or hugs. If care is needed beyond this level, we will meet to see how we can work together to address needs. We just know there will be some beautiful friendships made during this class.
  1. Register for class and sign the waiver by clicking on this link: https://app.thestudiodirector.com/bellaviadancestudio/portal.sd?page=Enroll&cident=1629831380229
  2. After registering through the studio, please complete the following Google Form so we get to know your dancer better and create the best experience possible for them: https://forms.gle/CA5TWRFvSG81jwqy7
  3. We have limited space available, so don’t wait to register!
So many of our faculty are excited to work with your kiddos that we will be teaching on a rotating basis! They will get to know almost everyone! Bella Via has always been an inclusive studio, and we are so thrilled to be able to bring dance to the lives of even more children.
Thank you everyone! And get ready for November 13th!
Your BV Team